Philippine Normal University: CTP Admission Requirements and Process

When I was planning for 2017, two of my main goals were to earn education units and to take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). Many of my previous co-workers and teachers that I’ve met at special education seminars I’ve attended said that I should take education courses at the Philippine Normal University (PNU). I know about PNU because that’s where I usually alight whenever I fall asleep on the bus and miss my stop on my way to DLSU.

Yeah, I know.

So, PNU wasn’t totally unfamiliar to me HAHA Anyway, I searched about the university and read only positive things about their education program. After all, they are an authority figure in this field. I got excited and decided that I want to earn my education units at PNU. I got in touch with someone from their admissions office and they attached a brochure in the email that had the admission requirements as well as the course details. I didn’t have to ask them for further details because everything I wanted to know was already in the brochure.

PNU’s Certificate in Teaching Program has:

  • 18 units of Professional Education
  • 6 units of Field Study
  • 6 units of Practicum


30 units

What would be the damage of a 30 unit course in PNU? This was another concern of mine. Luckily, the fee per unit is only Php 480.00/unit or Php 14,400. There are other additional fees for I.D., registration, etc. though which amounts to roughly Php 15,780. It should be noted that this fee is applicable to Filipino students only. Other school fees will apply for foreign students.

The best school for education + affordable program = I choose you.

Their admission requirements are simple. I had to request for some documents from my alma mater, but luckily, DLSU has an online system where I can have the documents delivered to my house. Yay efficiency!


The admission requirements are:

  • Transcript of Records (TOR) original & Certified true copy with Grade Point Average(GPA) of 85%, 2.0 or better.
  • Certification of GPA from the Registrar
  • Photocopy of Marriage Certificate(MC) if TOR bears maiden name
  • Two copies of 2×2 recent picture
  • Official Receipt of the Admission test paid (Php 400)

I completed the requirements needed for the admission test…two weeks before the deadline.

Don’t be like me. Even though they give you enough time to prepare and submit your requirements, it’s better to complete it in advance.


Submitting the requirements was fairly simple, but I did have to go back and forth the admissions office and another office and another office. So, make sure to allot at least 1 ½ hours when submitting your requirements.


The moment I reached the campus, I surrendered an I.D. to the guard and was issued a gate pass that I had someone sign. It was my first time in PNU so I was amazed to see the old architecture which I really love.

But I didn’t know where I was going.

I proceeded to the admissions office and eventually found it. From the main entrance, I passed by a staircase and made a slight left.


They asked for the documents, photocopied them, gave the original documents back to me, and issued a paper with a room number attached to it. They asked me to proceed to the indicated room and have my profile encoded.


I asked a student where the room was and he led the way (thank you, kind sir). It wasn’t too far from the main building. I entered the room where the person asked me to fill out an online application form. The person in the room was accommodating. After accomplishing the form, the person asked me to jot down the username and password before handing over the printed copy of my application form.


I went back to the admissions office and gave them my the form. They asked me to go to the accounting office and pay the admission test fee.


The accounting office is near the imperial staircase. Coming from the main entrance, the accounting office would be to the right. I paid the admission test fee of Php 400 (as of 10 February 2017).

#6 ADMISSIONS OFFICE (last time)

I went back to the admissions office and provided them the receipt. I signed my name in a log book and was given the test permit with my receipt and picture attached to it. I also gave them the gate pass/form for them to sign so I can exit the campus.


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