Teacher Joy

When I was around 8 years old, I remember arranging my stuffed toys in front of my closet with a 14 x 17 illustration board stuck to it. I spent most of my afternoons pretending to be a teacher when I was supposed to be taking a nap (the adults force us to take afternoon naps). I taught my stuffed toys what I learned at school that day, writing all over the board with dustless chalk I took home from school.

When I was applying at De La Salle University, they gave out a form where you list down the top 3 courses you’re interested in; my second choice was BS Education. My first choice? International Studies. Why? Don’t ask.

I’ve always had an inclination to education, but I never acknowledged it until now. I could never focus before because I was fooling around most of time, kept on winging it. It always seemed like luck had always been on my side, but I learned that it didn’t have anything to do with luck. I was just always in my comfort zone. I never stepped out and I wasn’t forced to. I guess the assumptions of my past colleagues were true; I’m a “rich kid” who has never worked for anything in her life. I didn’t constantly ask for money or asked my parents to buy me things I didn’t need.

But lately, it’s been different. When I started pursuing education (I mean really pursue it), things got a little tougher. I’m not qualified to teach. No educational background, skills, experience, nada. I accepted a teaching job with terrible management and an even terrible pay. But I had to take it for experience. Passion and volunteer work can only get me so far and because of this, I’m forced to better myself. After I take my certificate in Special Education (I’ll be done hopefully by March), I would like to take a certificate in teaching program at the Philippine Normal University which is the National Center for Teacher Education in the Philippines so I can get one step closer to being a licensed teacher. I really want to be a great teacher for people with special needs.

I don’t think I’ve invested this amount of time and money into anything in my life which is uncharted territory for me. It’s frightening because of the possibility of failure, but as they say: fear is good because it’s a sign that you’re doing something important to you.



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